Job Location: You will be informed of your work location before you arrive. Where possible, we will accommodate you at your chosen site unless work is unavailable. 
Please be aware that throughout your employment you can be moved to any of our other farms in the UK. 

Job Title: Agricultural Worker

Work: You will only be offered work when it is available. The work is the manual harvesting of strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables or other pre and post harvest work, which involves a considerable amount of bending, walking and lifting.

Productivity Targets: The amount of work you are told you must achieve is called your productivity target. Setting productivity targets ensures that you complete a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay when you are not being supervised or watched. Productivity targets are set for each individual type of job. Productivity targets for a harvest worker are the number of kilograms of fruit for you to pick each hour, which are set on daily basis.

Normal Working Days: Subject to weather and work availability you will normally work 6 days each week.

Normal Working Day: A working day would normally be no more than 8 hours. Daily start times may vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Normal Working Hours: Variable depending on the demand of the job.

Meal Breaks: Breaks are in accordance with UK employment legislation. Breaks are unpaid. It is compulsory to take these breaks.

Pay: We pay National Living Wage to all workers regardless of age. NLW is £8.21 per hour.

Pay Interval: Wages are calculated daily and paid weekly one week in arrears.

Money Deductions from Pay: As an employer we will not deduct money from your pay unless:

  • The deduction is required by law
  • It is agreed with the worker in his or her contract
  • The worker has agreed in writing in advance of the deduction
  • If there are any outstanding sums owed by you on termination of contract (e.g. holiday taken in excess of entitlement) from any monies owing to you at that time

Overtime: Should you be required to work overtime, you will be paid in accordance with UK employment legislation.